Undress Like A Princess…

07 Aug

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day.

I honestly believe you should any outfit from the inside out. Starting with how you feel that day, then moisturize your skin (wear suncream every single day, no matter what !)  and then the next logical step- lingerie.

Today I started with Gossard’s gorgeous Beau collection in spearmint. There really aren’t words to describe just how “lovely” this set it, you really do have to see for yourself. The colours are so subtle and its detailed with such precision, its hard to appreciate from a computer screen, but in person it really does encapsulate under stated elegance at its finest. Plus it fits like a dream. I brought one for my friend recently and her reaction pretty much summed it up- granted we were slightly intoxicated when I gave it, but she literally grasped it from my hands hurriedly desperate to try this lovely piece on, and when she did she could not stop exclaiming ! It made me feel so good- I mean what more can you ask from a present at the best of times, but also the fact that when you’re wearing it you do really feel like a princess in your own right. Like you should be donning Eli Saab dresses and floating around gardens, drinking tea from vintage saucers and nibbling on rose flavored Macron’s .

But anyway, It made the perfect base for a trip to Cambridge to visit my twin sister. Honestly, I’m not a 100% all to sure what it is she does. I’ve got the basics covered- theres definitely science involved and lots of it, with a healthy sprinkling of pipets and dishes and gene’s and genetics and a whole world of words my dyslexia isn’t at all familiar with spelling, let alone what on earth she’s going on about, but I’ve grasped that she should be wearing a lab coat all day, and something to do with nobel prizes and a cure for cancer. Something like that. Anyway, its an amazing internship she’s got, and It was my first chance all summer to visit her. So, despite the relentlessly white sky, I ambitiously popped my summer hat secured with my big silk ribbon  and hopped on the train to Cambridge.

Cambridge is beautiful. The journey there is beautiful. It is a place absolutely drenched with history, full to the brim with gorgeously kept architecture and littered with tiny little quirky details, so that you always have to keep your eyes open when walking round as not to miss anything.

We looked round this tiny little cottage in Wicken Fen that has been restored to look like a freeze frame from the 1930’s. So many thoughtful details had gone into it, it was just perfect, every where you turned little objects laid, old books, candles and saucers, patchwork quilts and antique photo frames that reflected  the rooms seemingly whispering with tiny little stories.

We then had a picnic by the river, before swanning off to look round Ely and the cathedral there.

Then with the sun finally filling the sky we went back to hers for a bbq, some pimms and a card game. Before I sadly had to leave. Before I left though she gave me a mini project to work on, and the strangest thing :

…the under wiring from one of her Rigby and Peller bras has just…disappeared ? Literally, no stitching has gone, its just vanished from inside the casing. So strange. Anyway I also looked at the sorry state of the bra, which has obviously been loved as all beautiful bras should be- but needs a little bit of a makeover if shes still to keep it. So im going to see what I can do, try and match it too the Ohh la la suspender and pants I brought her last month, which she adores, – and apparently so does her boyfriend!

All in all it was a lovely day, definitely going to pop to Cambridge more as I love it so much there. And my set didn’t let me down, fitting to feel like a casual vintage princess whilst wondering around places so stooped in nostalgia. Listening to Yiruma and Bon iver on the way back, feeling thoughtful, happy and calm.

Yiruma Kiss the Rain.


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