22 Aug

My New Brand Spankin’ Marlies Dekkers Finnally got its first outing…..

Gorillaz- Dare- Remix

The Crystallized elements I think are done really tastefully, just subtle details, not tacky- which considering the print and colour combination of the bra could definitely be easy to do !

It gives a lovely shape, a really subtle clevage- that is then not so subtly enhanced with the iconic strapping.

It really is so unbelievably comfy, the fabric is not too overly soft- but just the right amount that you feel supported but softly and gently so.

I found the back a little off puting, as I think for £136 you’d want to have them impact when you turned around, too!

But I love the attention to detail, and that for me, really sells the bra. The hook and eye lets it down by just being a bit plain, and again for £136 you’d kind of hope for something a bit more special.  The phrase “dare to be- dare to be yourself ” is subtly imprinted on the straps though, and the tags “dare” really make the bra something treasured.

The thing I love most about it is the juxtaposition of the whole bra. The fact it is such a soft, delicate and baby pink- which is overwhelmingly girly, but it then has a fierce animal print and the iconic Marlies pseudo-bondage strapping that frames your clevage proudly- anything but girly.

The Boy didn’t think much of the strapping, typical, so maybe this particular Marlies one is more of a feminine piece for the wardrobe ? Not nessicarily a bad thing, after all that is what Marlies is stands for- female empowerment. Just perfect for those girly lunches and tea meetings, or walking round a flower garden and making old ladies eyebrows raise.

And all those days when you just want to dare yourself.


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One response to “DARE

  1. AshleighJessica

    August 23, 2011 at 7:10 pm

    Well you put my Marlies Dekkers post to shame! jeeez this is amazing!! ❤ Really well written, love it ❤ ❤


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