Paz de la Huerta for Agent Provocateur

05 Sep

So released a few days ago, I find the new Agent Provocateur campaign, quite honestly, genius.

Using Paz De La Huerta in a series of viral videos that demonstrate the “Agent Provocateur Rules” , along with posters and ad’s with the frozen frames of each rule. I just love it for so many reasons. One of them being, Paz is completely owning her reputation, and anybody who can make fun of themselves in such a gorgeous, sexy and witty way is amazing in my books. You should never take yourself too seriously, afterall. The photo above is not dissimilar to the infamous one she wore the night she was denied entry to the Golden Globes, along with an obligatory fall and boob-flash.

How many people can turn falling on the pavement drunk, disorderly and flashing on camera, into a multi-million dollar ad deal?! As opposed too a very embarrassing de-tagging session on facebook and a multi-tude of “I’m SO Sorry….” texts the next day.

They say she embodies a typical A.P girl- and hell, doesn’t she just. She lives by her own rules, she quite clearly doesn’t care what anybody thinks, she’s ballsy, she’s confident, she absolutely oozes sex-appeal, she’s defiant, she breaks rules and yet she does it all with an extra-ordinary amount of class. Isn’t that what wearing A.P underwear is all about. You slip into their sets, you do feel like all eyes are on you- but they give you the confidence not to give two shits, no matter what happens, and feel as though everything you do is gilted with a certain special kind of Je ne sais pas.

The second reason I love them is the witty take it gives on typical “lady-like” rules. I’m not going to lie, I am a sucker for those kind of lines. My heart belonging to the 1940’s when lady’s became real, proper, elegant glamorous objects of sophistication and class. But I also love A.P’s two fingers up to it….

The whole campaign is just really well thought out, in my opinion. Its tongue-in-cheek, its saucy, its gorgeous, and its provocative, of course.

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One response to “Paz de la Huerta for Agent Provocateur

  1. memoir mode

    September 6, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    what a hilarious campaign. If only I could look glamorous while off my face flashing my breasts and then make a money making deal out of it haha. I love it!!! x


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