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Beach Bunny Loungewear

So today Beach Bunny launched their new Loungwear Range here

It really does scream Beach Bunny all over, they follow in the footsteps of Victoria Secrets when it comes to redefining tacky. Some of their swimsuits I do, quite frankly, find appallingly trashy. And others I can barely contain myself from booking a flight to L.A and spending all my life savings in store. (admittedly that wouldn’t be all too much me being a student and Beach Bunny being around £150 per tiny little laced bikini )

But I LOVE the print they have used. I think its gorgeous, its like a new candy bright leopard-print and floral futuristic hybrid. It really works. And as I say some pieces may be questionable, I think it’d be hard not to look and feel sexy just lounging around in most of these pieces. Can’t wait till they follow in V.S’s footsteps and come to England!!!!!

Absolutely perfect 🙂 x


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Summer may be over (sob sob 😥 ) but I still have my brilliant staycation to look forward too. What better way to bring some of the fading fluorescent sun into the fleeting moments of cornwall, and make the most of the bright things on offer in store before they get whisked and tucked away for winter!

Liberty Print Nike’s £61.99

Wildfox Leopard Print Tee £60

Deborah Marquit French lace balconette bra £140

Victoria Secrets Wild Pink Pants £6

Nail Rock Neon Green Giraffe £6.99


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Wild Young Thing

So today was your most standard Monday ever ! Waking up from a nightmare two hours early, four buses driving straight past me, surprise meetings, leaving work two hours late, a break in at my house and everything ! Still all this into consideration I’m in a surprisingly good mood. I think its because I’m happy with so much of my life at the moment its hard to let the little things get to me. Even Mondays!

Anyway today started off with my Wildflower Gossard set 1. ( ). Honestly it was the first Gossard bra I owned, and it had me hooked from ever on. Mine is in a 30D- and its the best fitting bra I have ever had in my whole life, absolutely no exaggeration. Its always my go-to bra for when I want perfect support, the only reason I don’t wear it every single day of my life is the fact it is far too precious ! The print is another you have to look up close to appreciate, the clever pairings of colour- it somehow manages to be modern and vintage all at the same time. And I love the delicate organza bows, and the subtle gold Gossard touches, not to mention the signature sexy gated back (which has gone down well in the past 😉 ). It looks and feels at least twice the price, and I hope I never have to part with it- hence why I try to resist wearing it every day haha!

2. Roberto Cavalli £349 (    3. Adidas £70 ( )  4. Lodis $94 ( ) 5. Preen £898 ( ) 6. Christian Louboutin £495 (

I treated myself to some home baked macarons, even though I wasnt even in a bad mood- it’d been a Monday- what more excuse could you need ?!

I also have already made progress on my sisters bra! I showed it too Richard at work and with one quick flurry of a magnifying glass he’d spyed the teeniest of teeny tiny little wholes in the underwire casing where the wire must of snuck out and into my sisters washing machine! He was kind enough to match me a near identicle wire !!! I was so unbelievably greatful, as, believe it or not- 30H wires ain’t exactly the easiest to get hold of !!! So now I just have the task of bringing out the beauty in it to make it precious once again,  and less like a chewed up old rug.