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First off, if you don’t already know about Spanx, watch this: Inspiring Video with Sarah Blakely

I really do have alot of admiration for Sara Blakely. There are tons of strong admirable and inspiring business women in the world of lingerie, but heres why I particulary like Sara.

1. Her products do the job. They are innovative, cover every need imaginable, fun and feminine and they give reliable, consistently impressive results. They created an ever expanding multi-million pound market- shapewear today is an essential part of every lingerie department, and it is in large part to Spanx that sparked the whole concept.

2. Shes down to earth. In 2006 she set up The Sara Blakely Foundation. This was set up to help women through education and entrepreneurial training and she has also funded scholarships for young women at CIDA in South Africa, on top of donating $1 Million to the Oprah Winfrey’s Leadership Academy. I know a lot of people donate, but Sara came from a working class ordinary background, and sometimes people like that that then become multi-millionaires so quickly can let it get to their heads and forget to give back. I just think its admirable that she gives back as much as she does and for such personal, unique and inspiring causes.

3. She came from a lawyer and an artist. If that’s not an amazing mix to start with I don’t know what is.

I won’t inflict my photos of products of spanx that as I have tried onto the world, I’m not a customer (yet ha) but I am an admirer. Although I think the price tags are hefty and you can get cheaper that’ll do the job, the garments are modern, contemporary and innovative, and if you can afford it- definitely worth it.

Undie-tectable Collection

Haute Contour Collection

Skinny Britches Collection

Hide and Sleek Collection

Slim Cognito Collection


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Filaments and Fibres

Really Really Really Exciting and Exhausting and Hectic few days.

So through the my unbelievable luck and the extraordinary generosity of one of the fabric guys, I had the fortune to get a personal tour through a fabric factory! Literally being a gi-bloody-normous lingerie geek (did i mention that :P) I found the whole experience absolutely fasinating. My dyslexia can get the better of me and so I’d never really taken much in when it came to the process of fabric, besides a vague relocation of weft and warp’s. So for two people to take two hours out of their days to take me personally round and explain in completely dyslexia friendly terms the entire process, giving me souvenirs, secret information and allowing me to take as many photos as I want, was just amazing.I am so so happy I got the chance.

Heres How……..

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