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Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla

For spring/summer 2012, Jean Paul Gaultier will be continuing their collaboration with Italian lingerie brand La Perla with an exclusive range entitled Collection Createur. 

Jean Paul Gaultier + La Perla = The stuff lingerie dreams are made off. And next years collection is most certainly not an exception. While at first look the collection looks pretty straight forward and what you would expect from the duo, on closer inspection it’s leading the way for the future of lingerie. Delicate laser-perforated leather gives the impression of lace, while real Levers lace is used for decorative back details.

Lace and Leather are a duo that simply work for millions of reasons- but leather that has been laser cut to imitate lace is just geniusly gorgeous.

Mini-ruffle detailing for bra cups and briefs is made with very fine netting produced with Calais looms. The netting La Perla use, honestly is so soft and sensual it feels like Angel hair or something equally out of this world is touching your skin.

Femininity is again celebrated with sheer placements, and lines of black ruffles over nude bodies to create playful, high class babydoll silhouettes.

And Finnally mixed-scale laser perforations combine with lace trim on figure-hugging slips and structured bustiers. Innovative, modern, contemporary, but the combined heritage of both prestigious brands- undoubtably wistfully nostalgic and romantic all rolled in to one.

Absolute perfection.

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Christian Dior Lingerie


“No more women soldiers built like boxers, I draw women flowers, soft shoulders, flowing busts, fine waists….”

Christian Dior’s 1940’s New Look undeniably changed the fashion world forever. After years of the dark, sombre, standard issue make-do and mend war-time clothing, Dior made the world’s jaw collectively drop with collections of exaggerated ultra-femininity: untouchable, outwardly cool structured surfaces but with a network of erotic and imaginative cantilevered bras and boned corsetry underneath. A huge part of my nostalgic heart will always belong to the 1940’s simply because of Dior’s iconic styling. For me it embodies and celebrates everything amazing about femininity. From the sharply contoured hourglass figure, the smart tailoring of powerful women juxtaposed with the soft fragility of a female body overlaid in silk and lace and the gorgeous, relentless eye for the tiniest of details.

I recently came across a vintage Christian Dior girdle-skirt

It is undeniably heart-achingly beautiful. It is a shame that Dior’s lingerie has dwindled in resent years, but then that does make their archives so much more enticing. Plus its clear to see in the recent few collections of Dior that they are proud of their heritage in lingerie, as one of the designers striding ahead of the Underwear-as-Outwear trend that has been sweeping the fashion world the last couple of years…….

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In the Spotlight…Agent Provocateur

When I saw the New A.P Collection, there was one piece that caught my attention straight away….

The decadent Thora Dress … I literally fell in love. It pulls on all the right strings for me- hourglass, buttons, three qualter sleeves, red silk, secretary-esque, and unashamedly, undoubtedly, brazenly feminine. So before I’d barely even set foot in Harrods this week I was rushing to try it on for size and see if it lived up to my expectations….

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Beach Bunny Loungewear

So today Beach Bunny launched their new Loungwear Range here

It really does scream Beach Bunny all over, they follow in the footsteps of Victoria Secrets when it comes to redefining tacky. Some of their swimsuits I do, quite frankly, find appallingly trashy. And others I can barely contain myself from booking a flight to L.A and spending all my life savings in store. (admittedly that wouldn’t be all too much me being a student and Beach Bunny being around £150 per tiny little laced bikini )

But I LOVE the print they have used. I think its gorgeous, its like a new candy bright leopard-print and floral futuristic hybrid. It really works. And as I say some pieces may be questionable, I think it’d be hard not to look and feel sexy just lounging around in most of these pieces. Can’t wait till they follow in V.S’s footsteps and come to England!!!!!

Absolutely perfect 🙂 x


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Filaments and Fibres

Really Really Really Exciting and Exhausting and Hectic few days.

So through the my unbelievable luck and the extraordinary generosity of one of the fabric guys, I had the fortune to get a personal tour through a fabric factory! Literally being a gi-bloody-normous lingerie geek (did i mention that :P) I found the whole experience absolutely fasinating. My dyslexia can get the better of me and so I’d never really taken much in when it came to the process of fabric, besides a vague relocation of weft and warp’s. So for two people to take two hours out of their days to take me personally round and explain in completely dyslexia friendly terms the entire process, giving me souvenirs, secret information and allowing me to take as many photos as I want, was just amazing.I am so so happy I got the chance.

Heres How……..

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